We are currently reviewing our fees for August 2022- July 2023, and will update these here as soon as the have been finalised and communicated to current service users.

Please note the fee structure applies to fee paying parents and not the children whose place is funded by Argyll and Bute council. 1140 hours funding for three year olds applies the first Monday after their third birthday. Eligible two year olds funding usually applies the term after their second birthday. 

Parent/Carers who are fee paying (most 2 yr olds, or payment for additional sessions over and above the funded 1140 hours for 3-5 year olds) are required to book a minimum of two sessions per week as this provides consistency for the children e.g. two morning sessions, two afternoon sessions or one full day.

Our sessions and fees for August 2021- July 2022 are as follows:

Please contact us to discuss your child’s requirements and enquire about session availability by day of the week.

Please note: short-notice cancellations may result in some session fees and registration fees still being charged. Late payments may also incur an additional charge. Please advise of any changes to your sessional requirements as early as possible to avoid unnecessary fees.

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