Holiday Club

The children describe our Holiday club as “BASICally, Brilliant!”

Holiday club activities are child-led, every child’s opinion and suggestion matter and are respected and acted upon. Holiday Club is designed for children of primary school age only.

So it’s back to school now for children in Argyll and Bute, we had a great time with the children at our October Holiday club 2021. I bet some of them are already dreaming about their next holiday!

Opening times

  • February 2022:
  • ***Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th February only***
  • 8am until 6pm
  • Limited places available
  • Please contact us to register


Our unique location in the heart of the town in Helensburgh means we have great access to areas for exploration in the local community such as the woods and the beach, as well as our own great facilities on site.

Please contact us to enquire about a space and discuss registration (please note: small, one-off registration fee applies for children who are not currently After -School service users).

Holiday Club FAQs

Who can attend?

Children who are registered for school or already in primary school can attend.

How much does the full day session cost?

The cost for the full day session will be £28.00, attendance for trips will incur an additional cost as detailed on the planner, to cover transport and/or entrance fees to destinations.

Please note: a small one-off registration fee applies for children who are not current users of our after-school service.

Will children be doing indoor or outdoor activities?

We plan to spend much of our time outdoors unless the weather is really inclement (which we know can happen often in Scotland), but have indoor activities planned too. The children will need to come suitably dressed for outdoor activities.

Do I need to provide snacks/ lunch?

Yes. Children need to bring their own healthy snacks and packed lunches, with drinks in a resealable container.

What are the arrangements for travel?

Many of our activities are within local, walking distance. For those which are further afield, we plan to use our own minibus for transport. A full daily risk assessment will be taken for the activities and transportation.

PLEASE NOTE: **All trips are subject to change depending on the covid situation**

What if I have to cancel?

We require two weeks’ notice to cancel booked spaces otherwise the fee will still apply.

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